The Co-op Rainbow Flag

The Rainbow Flag is the emblem of Co-operatives everywhere.
It was adopted by the World of Co-op Leaders at the International Co-operative Congress held in Basil, Switzerland in 1921.
It symbolizes the fading of political divisions and the union of peoples.
Composed of the primary shades of the rainbow, the Rainbow Flag contains the colours of the flags of the world.
All peoples merged under this colourful pennant are united internationally.

Each of the seven colours has a special meaning: 

Red represents our courage to stand together in working towards our common goals
Orange represents our vision of possibilities
Yellow represents our warmth, friendship and concern for others
Green represents our growth as we learn more about ourselves and others
Sky Blue suggests the unlimited horizons and possibilities for all peoples of the world
Dark Blue represents our hard work and perseverance in working together to achieve our common goals of harmony, equality and economic efficiency.
Violet, a colour of warmth, beauty and friendship, represents our respect for others